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Heighten your visibility with Knokke Hippique and Knokke Hippique Summer Circuit!

LED-BOARDING: See and be seen!
During competitions, your company will benefit from prolonged attention with static advertising, and during the intervals, all heads will be turned into your direction thanks to a dynamic format.

VIDEO: Spread the word!
Corporate videos and advertisements with soundtracks are shown during the breaks on all the TV screens and on two gigantic video walls.

JUMPS: Be noticed!
A personalized jump is a unique asset in equestrian sports. With all the media attention and TV coverage, it will definitely get you noticed.

PRINT: An advertisement in the glossy competition programme (print run 4000) alongside articles, features and interviews.

BRANDING: Be everywhere - all the time!

​Flags, logo placement... Using the right initiatives your brand can be seen everywhere.
Part of the package.

COMPETITION SPONSOR: Experience the sport - place yourself in the spotlight!
As the sponsor, you are closely involved with the competition that you are supporting and that bears you name. You will be cited in all articles and press releases, and our presenters will announce your sponsor’s message, while you get to present the prizes… in the spotlight!

TV: Regional, national and international.
Maximize the media attention and increase your visibility on TV, both live and in re-runs.

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