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Park Your Car & enjoy Knokke Hippique 
After Everton USA, today Knokke Hippique also in Belgium. 
Drive in an environmentally-friendly and silent manner. 
Knokke Hippique enjoys offering its visitors, players or guests something extra. That is why we provide an extra service to everyone staying on the Knokke Hippique site or at one of the neighbouring residential accommodations. 
As a visitor, player or team, you can visit the exclusive city of Knokke using the electrical City Mobile. As organisers of Knokke Hippique, we have the honour to offer you the use of this silent and environmentally-friendly means of transport. 
You can park your electrical City-Mobile on our Knokke Hippique site, at Invest Mobile sprl and of course near your hotel. Battery charging points are available on site. 
- Electrical City Mobile 
Price: €550 for 1 week (charger, vehicle documents and license plate of the vehicle for use on the road included) This City Mobile can take 4 people 
Rapidly book your electrical City Mobile via or via +32 50 62 30 03