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Rik Hemeryck drives home the Porsche Macan


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Rik Hemeryck just turned out to be the winner of the Top Series Grand Prix. On Carlitto vh Zorgvliet (Burggraaf) he edged out the former German champion Marc Bettinger. Only a few hundredths of a second made the difference between the numbers one and two. The difference in return was huge, as Hemeryck drove home victorious with a brand new Porsche Macan. Cassandra Braekmans, the first rider in the jump-off, immediately set the standard with a fast clear round. The Belgian Young Rider ended up nicely in third.

Rik Hemeryck: 'My car was to have a Porsche and now I have one. Unbelievable. During the prize giving ceremony I did the lap of honnor with the new Macan. I touched the pedal and the car immediately advanced super fast. All of this I thank to my wife, who rides the horse normally. She broke two ribs last months. That's why I took over Carlitto. Amazing horse. He's also like a Porsche!'