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Golf Car service at Knokke Hippique


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From the main arena to the surrounding rings and the stables, from the stables to the city and back to Knokke Hippique, let the Invest Mobile golf cars drive you everywhere. Knokke Hippique strives to perfection and likes to create an experience rather than an event. This philosophy is reflected in the whole organization.

The participants and visitors can now enjoy an extra service. There will be Invest Mobile golf cars available at the terrain. The golf cars are both luxurious and functional. On top of that, they are also ecological. These features make them perfectly suited for a trip to the beach, your residence or the shopping street, but also on the terrain itself it might be very useful. A golf car can take up to 4 people.

Never run out of gas. The organizers of Knokke Hippique and Invest Mobile covered everything. The golf cars are electrically driven. Therefore, battery charging points are available on site.  You can park your  City-Mobile on the Knokke Hippique site, at Invest Mobile sprl and of course near your hotel. 

It is recommended to book your City-Mobile in advance via +32 50 62 30 03 or send a mail to by