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In June and July, Knokke Hippique will be back with its fourth edition and with the ambition to make the 2018-version the best yet. 
The Stephex Events are made to be different, with the aim to give everybody an unforgettable experience.
Hence, Knokke is a carefully chosen destination. Here, you can enjoy life both on and off the show ground with all that this exclusive seaside town has to offer – from the beach, to the dining, to the shopping. Take your choice. 
With the world's best riders jumping for a total of 1.4 million Euro in prize money over three weeks of competition, top sport is guaranteed at Knokke Hippique and its Summer Circuit. 
With bigger rings, a better spectator experience, as well as an improved Lifestyle Village and Food Court, Knokke Hippique 2018 looks set to become a highlight in the jumping calendar this year. 

From the world's elite to pony-kids: A fantastic program that fits all levels

Knokke Hippique opens the doors on June 28, with CSI5* competitions, the CSI3* Top Series, the CSI2* Super Cup, the CSI1* Prestige League and the CSIYH1* Talent Tour on the program until July 1. Then there are two days of break, before the Summer Circuit resumes with two parts – running from July 4-8 and 11-15 with the Top Series, Super Cup, Prestige League and Talent Tour as well as pony classes. 

New of this year, is that riders during the two weeks of Summer Circuit can bring their 5-year-old horses to compete in the Talent Tour that also is open for 6- and 7-year-old horses.

With the option to combine different star-levels, riders have the unique opportunity to jump in two Grand Prix classes during the first weekend of Knokke Hippique and in three Grand Prix classes during the two Summer Circuit weekends. A large number of horses can also be entered, eight in total during Knokke Hippique and twelve in total during the Summer Cicuit. This gives the riders the chance to jump at the highest level of the sport, as well as focusing on their up-and-coming horses in the lower levels and of course their future stars that can jump in the Talent Tour aimed at the youngsters. 

A total of 1.4 million Euro in prize money will be on offer over the three weeks of competing at Knokke Hippique and the Summer Circuit. 559.605 Euro is the prize purse for the CSI5* classes, as well as 152.000 Euro in the Top Series classes, 77.500 Euro in the Super Cup classes, 15.000 Euro in the Prestige League classes and 13.500 Euro in the Talent Tour classes during the first week of competition.

For the two weeks of the Summer Circuit, 168.000 Euro will be distributed as prize money in the Top Series classes, 82.500 Euro in the Super Cup classes, 17.250 Euro in the Prestige League classes and 10.500 Euro in the Talent Tour classes. And this is just the beginning, as additional prizes in-kind are to be announced as Knokke Hippique and the Summer Circuit approaches. 

In all, 25 Longines Ranking competitions are included in the sport program for the three weeks – giving riders a fantastic opportunity to gain important world ranking points. 

Improvements to the rings have been made for this year's edition, with the M'as Tu Vu Plage being extended to the same size as the Albert Plage also adding more space in the adjacent collecting ring. On top there are rings designated for flat-work and longing, so the horses can be worked in peace and quiet.

The FEI approved schedule for Knokke Hippique and the Summer Circuit will be announced shortly. Meanwhile the full program can be discovered below as well as via this link for Knokke Hippique and via this link for the Summer Circuit.

The 2018-edition: Especially for spectators

Also for this year's edition, the infrastructure has been improved at Knokke Hippique with the aim to better the Lifestyle Village and Food Court-area. With an estimated fifty exhibitors opening their doors with equestrian apparel, jewellery and fashion there will be no lack of choice. As usual, the Food Court will offer a wide selection of flavours from all over the world with everything from gourmet burgers to sushi on the menu. 

A new spectator area will also be introduced, replacing the traditional tribunes by the main ring Zoute Plage. An elevated bar area with different levels will allow visitors to take a seat and enjoy a drink while watching top level sport with views of the main ring. The top part of the bar area will be glass-framed, offering spectacular views even when inside.

Per usual: Extravagant entertainment

Last, but not least comes the unforgettable entertainment that is one of the signatures of the Stephex Events – Knokke Hippique 2018 is of course no exception with spectacular shows throughout the three weeks of competition.

The legendary parties at the Stephex Club will return, with the names of the artists to be revealed shortly. Highlights will include a themed 90's-nights on Friday 29th of June, so make sure to dig out your treasures from the attic. 

New of the year is also the charity soiree Cinq Etoiles by Miralouise in the VIP-area on July 11, visit and for more information about this event. 

 Getting the best of beautiful Knokke

At Knokke Hippique, we would like our guests to enjoy life outside the ring as well. That's why we want to free up time for our competitors and visitors during the Summer Circuit. Competitions start at 9.00, and end at 17-18.00 with the exception of Saturday night's Grand Prix classes under the lights. 

During the two weeks of the Summer Circuit, we also offer our guests barbeques – each Friday starting around 18.00. On Thursday's during the Summer Circuit an apero at the beach can be enjoyed at the Riverwoods Club, with drinks and finger-food. 

La Reserve is the official hotel of Knokke Hippique. Hotel La Reserve is across the road from the Casino in Knokke and the beachside boulevard. It features extensive spa facilities, two restaurants and large design suites. Visit their website

For guests that would like assistance with exclusive packages including hotel bookings, transport and golf-car hire Knokke Hippique also has staff that can accommodate for your wishes. 


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