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Trophy Club:

While watching the show or getting entertained between classes, you can enjoy a delicious high quality buffet created on the spot in the Trophy Lounge. From Thursday to Saturday, we offer you lunch and dinner. On Sunday, we are waiting you for a delicious lunch.

Champions Lounge:

The Champions Lounge is the ideal setting for companies and organisations. You can invite up to 30 guests in your private lounge where your personal chef will serve you delicious and refined dishes prepared à la minute. The lounge is equipped with a large terrace adjacent to the main arena where you can profit from an aperitif or relax after your meal and watch the show from the first row. The all-in formula includes a three course menu, four bottles of champagne, matching wines, soft drinks and coffee and tea. 

You can choose between a lounge for 4 (weekend) or 7 sessions. The lounge with 4 sessions includes dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and lunch on Sunday. The lounge with 7 sessions provides you lunch and dinner from Thursday till Saturday and lunch on Sunday. It also possible to join us for just a single session with your guests.